2019 Newest Design Flyingbear Ghost4 3D Printer full metal frame High Precision 3d printer Diy kit glass platform Wifi in 3D Printers from Computer Office

2019 Newest Design Flyingbear Ghost4 3D Printer full metal frame High Precision 3d printer Diy kit glass platform Wifi in 3D Printers from Computer Office
2019 Newest Design Flyingbear Ghost4 3D Printer full metal frame High Precision 3d printer Diy kit glass platform Wifi in 3D Printers from Computer Office
2019 Newest Design Flyingbear Ghost4 3D Printer full metal frame High Precision 3d printer Diy kit glass platform Wifi in 3D Printers from Computer Office
2019 Newest Design Flyingbear Ghost4 3D Printer full metal frame High Precision 3d printer Diy kit glass platform Wifi in 3D Printers from Computer Office
2019 Newest Design Flyingbear Ghost4 3D Printer full metal frame High Precision 3d printer Diy kit glass platform Wifi in 3D Printers from Computer Office
2019 Newest Design Flyingbear Ghost4 3D Printer full metal frame High Precision 3d printer Diy kit glass platform Wifi in 3D Printers from Computer Office

Product Specification


Model Number: FLYING BEAR-Ghost

CE Certification: Yes

Color Print Speed: 150mm/s

Max print size: 255*210*210mm

Hot bed size: 270*210mm

Printer size: 387*345*420mm

Connectivity: WiFi,SD Card,USB

Layer thickness: 0.05-0.3mm

Extruder Temperature: Max 260 Degree Celsius

Hot bed temperature: 60-110 Degree Celsius

Print material: PLA,ABS,Wood,HIPS

Printing Technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

XY-axis positiong accuracy: 0.012mm

Z-axis positioning accuracy: 0.004mm



Dear customer, now we have Russian warehouse , you can choose it , the delivery time will be faster. Here link is shipping from Russia


Russian warehouse stock will arrive later, so if you make order now , it will ship next week, please attention it .


Some countries may need to pay customs duties, please note that this is not included in the order, customers need to pay for themselves






All printer have 12 months warranty,buy it with confidence


Upgrade1. All XY axles adopt closed loop synchronous belt, which is more convenient to install and has higher printing accuracy.
Upgrade2. X axis mounting parts are all made of aluminum to reduce inertia weight
Upgrade3. The Y-axis adopts a 42-47 motor with greater torque to prevent losing steps in the printing process
Upgrade4. Adopt better extruder to improve printing quality
Upgrade5. Mesh glass hot bed is adopted, the model is not easy to warp, and no solid glue is needed
Upgrade6. Z-axis adopts 12mm optical axis, which is more accurate than the old version
Upgrade7.Y axis idler wheel adopts bearing structure, which reduces noise and is more durable
Upgrade8. Hot bed adopts 2mm sheet metal to prevent deformation
Upgrade9. Add fan to power supply to prevent overheating and printing failure
Upgrade10. Use turbofan as model cooling fan to improve printing quality
Upgrade11. The printer shell adopts new composite material, with higher strength and no rupture
Upgrade12. XY synchronous belt structure design is more reasonable to reduce noise


  • Printer can connect to wifi, and it is more convenient to print with wifi.

  • Printing is made of 1.5-3mm sheet metal, and the frame structure is very stable.

  • Printer adopts 4 inch color touch screen, larger screen to make operation more convenient and simple

  • Printer adds a filament loss resume function, printing process donrsquot need to worry about filament exhausted and print failure.

  • Printer adds a power loss resume function so that you don't have to worry about a sudden power cut.

  • Printer Z shaft screw adopts anti backlash spring and end bearing to make the hot bed running more stable and improve the printing quality

  • The parts of printer 90% have been completed and only need 10 minutes to complete the installation.

  • Printer adapts 300W 24V power supply, so that the printer can be maintained for longer printing time.

  • Printer has a larger print volume of 255x210x210mm.

  • Free gifts such as SD cards, filament, idlers, Teflon pipes, et


  • Print size:255*210*210mm

  • Printer size:387*345*420mm

  • Layer thickness precision: 0.05-0.3

  • MAX printing speed: 150 mm/s.

  • Material type: PLA, ABS, Wood, HIPS .

  • Material specifications :1.75mm in diameter.

  • Positioning accuracy: Z 0.002mm, XY 0.01mm.

  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

  • Recommended extruder temperature: 220degC (the max 260degC).

  • Hot bed temperature: 60-110degC .

  • Extruder number: 1

  • Power requirements: 24V, 300W

  • Connectivity: WiFi,SD card,USB

  • Input file format:  STL , OBJ , DAE , AMF

  • Output file format : GCode,JZG    

  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac.

  • Control software: Repetier-host,Cura.

  • Machine weight: 15kg














  1. free shipping is not included the import duties of your country.
  2. some countries need to provide tax code, especially in Brazil and Argentina, so after you pay, please tell us your tax code.
  3. please make sure that your shipping address is correct, if you provide the wrong address, make the package returned, you will need to pay the shipping charges.
  4. some countries think that the 3D printer can print weapon, so please do not tell the customs clerk, you can say that the printer is used to print parts





Dear customer, now we have Russian warehouse , you can choose it , the delivery time will be faster. Here link is shipping from Russia

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Commetns hohediqage.cf :
Pleased with fast delivery. ordered from russia. after sending delivered for 5 days to the door. not yet collected.

I want to share my experience with this printer. In general, the printer is raw, although the fourth audit. Linear bearings are eaten on all axes, lubricated with silicone oil pms-1000 and lubricant liqui moly, the result is zero. Ordered from coprolon, waiting for delivery. I think to wash native bearings because there are impregnations on the working part, it looks like metal sawdust. That's because of them and there is a snack at work. The coupling on the z axis again began to put a whole (not spiral). Screws of fastening under the hexagon are constantly torn (syromyatina). Engine drivers are noisy. The cooling fan of the board noise muffles the driver (treated with a replacement for 120 turntables). The legs of rubber are so hard that they transmit vibration to the table that adds even more noise. Printing out of the box so-so. Table adjustment knobs are made so inconvenient that you can break your fingers. Summarizing the above, to buy a printer for 24 cosaries then invest dengi, time, fuss with setting, calibration,

the printer like normal , we begin to know him in Colne usability

Everything is fine. Going is not difficult. There is room for improvement, but in general the quality is satisfied.

I arrive before time and works correctly, only wine 1 marked cap, nose if by packaging or disarmament.

The order reached 32 days from the date of shipment, the waiting for the processing of the order was about a week (in the description of the goods written 15 days), everything is packed well, the package of the goods corresponds to the description. There are problems with the casing of blowing. I attach the photo. It seems to be a poor seal, but perhaps during transportation so it (casing) flattened. But because. It is planned to immediately replace this casing, then i will consider it an uncritical defect.

Arrived in good condition. Assembled and prints fine. AA++


With blowing that comes in the kit-it's not good. Missing top bearing supporting z axis screw

Received on the fourth day after the order. Sent sdec from yekaterinburg. Everything is cool, wi-fi stitch according to the instructions from youtube. By cable to cura could not connect. Support for ali operational.

it is work correctly. I install it in 7 hours, because it is my first printer. Thanks to seller, he actually good,

The printer came very quickly-delivery from russia in three days. During the assembly there was a problem with the mounting of the z axis guide (the screw was not twisted at all), but the complete set was a spare mount. Blowing came broken (cracked) but even on it it turned out to print not bad. In general, the printer is good. I recommend to buy. Thank you to the seller, answered the questions promptly.

The seller pulled a little with sending the printer. Shalunishka! :) The printer came quickly. Gathered also quickly and without problems. Prints are just wonderful. Abs sticks badly to the table. But everything is corrected by the application of a solution of abs plastic in acetone on the surface of the table, then adhesion is just bombic. Thank you seller!

There is not enough auto level of the table, very not enough. the assembly is easy by video everything is clear.

Great printer! Immediately after assembly printed the perfect test cube.

Came by mail from the ecb. Collected -- everything works. Thank you.

Satisfied, the service of the store, and the quality of the printer and its seal is satisfied, i continue to know the nuances of printing, in the future i will supplement the feedback with photos

Good 3d printer, very harder frame and good software!

The printer is good the seller is very operative and answers all the questions asked so only good emotions from the printer

The best printer so far but it was not an easy to assemble. They should include the video instructions inside the SD card which is blank. Nothing. Also please include all the software so the customer can easily assemble and printing. Happy printing!

This is the second printer. Every thing is perfect. The only detail is that the 2 printers that i receved the sensor of the bed level come with out the metal sheet. Something to improve

Everything works. I had to get mad at first to set up the seal and figure it out, but nothing, it turns out, like. I can not connect on wi-fi, i hope it works. While printing with cards.

For this price category the printer is excellent. Collected, immediately printed the test ship, jambs minor. Of the shortcomings-vertical guides are poorly fixed, under the weight of the table a small angle is obtained. Wi-fi on the printer works, the computer could not connect. In general, satisfied.

A new version came, very different from those that were in the reviews of bloggers. In my opinion-a gun. Collect strictly according to the instructions on the youtube channel of the manufacturer, do not see how others collect-everything has changed. The table is glass, not magnetic, and covered with points, like as well as glass. Collected, adjusted the table and on the way. Do not need adhesive-pla perfectly sticks on the first layer in 0,2mm. The only question is remote printing, did not set up (the mount for the babin is short, quickly depicted the adapter, now the wide babin get in. Recommend, at 100-140 mm/s prints only in the way!

Long chose the printer, and stopped at this despite all jambs. I recommend it to beginners who want to plunge into 3d printing, when working with this printer you will know all the nuances of printing. At first, each print will be a test but will pass a week-another and you will become a 3d print guru. You will discover such abilities about which you have not suspected, you will by heart remember what you need to do in a situation, at least slightly different from the ideal. So pull and the power will come with you!

In general, normal, but 1) all holes are filled with paint, screws 5 lost on this, broke down its normal hexagon with a round head so that the head inside the bolt remained, and the bolt will not tighten remained. 2) blowing as not from this printer, blowing somewhere aside and not evenly. One face of the cube is moving.

And i will leave my feedback... The printer is clearly not worth its money (4 version). Blowing the model is the same one-sided, the table-glass with a coating to which nothing sticks, there is no tension of the belts (made a closed strap), the fixing for the table level is not exactly drilled, the motors are noisy board 8 bit. Of the advantages of the quality of the case, guides, touch screen yes in principle everything.

Shipping super fast. Collecting. After assembly i will add. Until everything is super

The goods received quickly. The printer is good. But for some reason, the wire feeding 5 volts on the control panel was cut off.

Ordered as a gift for the school on 26.01.19, received on march 11. The package is perfectly packed, the printer is excellent, the children are terribly happy.

Printer prints out of the box! Any settings-the seller answers quickly! When delivered, the table was damaged... The seller immediately sent a new one! Here is a guarantee!!!! Super!

The seller for a very long time did not send the order, the printer received in a large box, all whole, collected two days, everything works, the first printing is unsuccessful, the printer touched the sad model and that is the difference from the table, in general, i am happy with everything working, it is less clear, i will experiment with printing and finish the printer in the settings to an acceptable result.

Collected... Fasteners are enough, there seems to be no damage... I deal with settings

All kind time of the day! The printer is cool and there would be even more impressions of the first such type of printer if not for the request of delay of design and other fibers, not the crown of the seller can it just hit the wrong time with its order, but fed rainbow hopes for such a delay to get a small plus but everything came standard .... According to the description! Long sent but quickly reached especially in russia! Not yet collected but i will definitely be harsh in the requirements to the delivered! The seller was very awesome! Seller recommend!

After the first printing, the extruder had to be replaced, with the second so far everything is fine. Good, precise positioning extruder. At the temperature specified in the manual categorically did not want to print, it was necessary to gradually increase in the end normally sealed at a temperature of 230 c.

The printer is very good, clearly worth its money. I bought on the recommendation of alexgyver. The goods are satisfied.

I do not know what kind of crooked morons write that the printer is shit. The printer is good, collected in 2 hours with snacks. 5 minutes for table calibration. Prints out of the box! Quality is complete! The management of wi-fi is very convenient. The only negative is long delivery. From the order to receive 2 months.

The printer is good, the youtube is full of reviews on it and the conclusions can be drawn on them. I will describe my problems: all the bearings are absolutely dry, the linear bearing of the z axis i eat, it seems marriage. The rest of the rules. A little bites the x axis, but it looks like the problem of assembly and is solved by the removal of the carriage. At the ends of the z axis shafts there is a small rust. There are no complaints to the rest, everything is whole and even. Packed well. Delivery is a separate song, ordered 02.03.19 the seller pulled the scheduled 10 days with the shipment, then issued a track with the allegedly sent printer, but in fact it was not sent. Another 2 weeks track hung without movement, and only 25.03 seller sent the printer. Delivery sdecom, about 20 days, which is noteworthy in russia to khabarovsk 3 days. The most insulting thing is that after the purchase in a couple of weeks there were 4 audits. But the seller sent 3 though with a big delay. As the seller explained the details from the new audit do not fit the old, but the sediment remained. Responds to messages quickly.


The video instruction is not accurate, figured out in the end itself. Collected and configured without problems, while the printing is normal, after we check whether the warranty works. Thank You

I really liked this printer. After assembly sealed immediately without any dancing with a tambourine. Limps blowing the details (in the photo you can see how the back side is swimming), printed out his own and now everything is ok.

Long sending, but like on the site it is written that before the order. She extended it herself. Shipping, after shipment, about a month by cdek. There is a choice or courier or the most from the point of issue of orders. Collected easily. Everything works, only when scanning the attached ky-ar code writes blocked at the request of the right holder. I had to use a third-party video. When printing one angle a little floats apparently the problem with blowing the nozzle completely and not solved. although blowing in different from 3 versions already another. Visible придётся develop independently. And so it seems to print normally, but you still need to dig in the settings because there is no limit to perfection. In general, everything still suits. I can recommend! Good luck in sales!

I'm very satisfied ! :-)

Beautiful, simple in assembly, without special jambs. I collected in 4 hours and it's slow. While printing only a complete pla far left angle tries to swim, either 200 degrees a lot for this plastic, or the problem in blowing again. I do not regret the choice, surely there is cheaper and better even. But the sum of qualities while i'm very pleased. Except that the cooler in the bp is loud very, but it does not always work. The iron was broken off from one end, but in the kit was zarasna and he would have worked without it i think. Still in the video the numbers of bags with bolts do not match the numbers on the bags. Touch and screen cool, this is not an encoder with 12864.

The printer came quickly, from yekaterinburg to krasnodar. Packed well. When assembling it turned out that they did not put the hexagon on 3mm, because of which i had to go to the store. Otherwise there are no comments.

Delivered quickly, was broken end and extruder and so all super

There was a crack on the table ((printer quality leaves much to be desired ((


The seller long yuli with sending, then long drove to krasnodar ....

Finally arrived. Was looking forward to receive this toy. My first impression is very well done. Came very well packed. Just got compliments to seller. Note 10.

The printer has some shortcomings, which in 2 weeks has not yet eliminated. Going is not bad. The seller sent the order for a very long time, in addition to everything and the customs had questions. For belarusians this thing is very expensive. I do not recommend buying, but not because the product is bad. And only because you can buy from us cheaper. Customs cost more than 200 $

Excellent car!!! Assembled almost without problems :) print quality is directly proportional to your experience!!! Thank you seller!

Straight cool printer, even especially fashion is not needed! I got in a week. The service is friendly, the kit is rich, doubted between this and ender3, so if ender need to finish then this prints out of the box well. For all questions, write to the post office of the [email protected] the problems about which the holivars have fixed the printer really high quality.

The parcel arrived in 27 days. Packed very well, nothing damaged. Delivered to the entrance. Complete set. Collected hours for 4. electronics working, everything moves. The ends are not broken, but the kit comes with a spare. Before the print has not yet reached. Seller recommend.

Ordered 11.01 received 22. 02.02.up to this day it is not possible to print something to the end due to the obstruction of the nozzle due to the weak blowing of the print head (hot-end). + the temperature of the extruder constantly jumps, which leads to uneven extrusion of the plastic and finally clogging of the plastic. requires reprocessing of cooling and soldering the resistor on the control board, as advised by umelzi. if this is done, there must be a chasm of interference that cause temperature surges

The first printer, easy to learn

To nizhny novgorod the parcel arrived in six days. Packed normally, delivery to the apartment by courier. It is going quickly, but in the beginning it is better to look at the rollers and change the outline of some operations, because the assembly shown there for masochists and those who are not looking for easy paths. The first thing printed blowing, after installing the cube, along the x axis everything is clear, the other two need to understand, maybe the speed is too large. Compared to my old anet a8 printer, this one is somewhat higher, in quality and externally too. And with the jambs of the print we will figure out, on the first printer, too, not all at once, and figured out a little bit and less even models began to turn out (bust on anet a8). I think here after the setup will be even better. Definitely recommend the seller and the goods. 5 stars.

The printer is normal, but with the box it very poorly prints. But not big fixes will make the print almost perfect

Very good printer. Print with very good quality

Finally it came. Long very shol but there was a lining with our customs. I will print out a review about the printer.

It's the end. It took a long time since 1,5 months. While i can not say anything about work, i will collect and sign off on work.

Thank you. Order received. The quality is excellent. Corresponds to the description completely. Delivery super fast sdek. Collected and tuned for the evening. At night already printed as a native). The seller is sociable.

Waited a long time, but it was worth it. One vertical stand slightly disperse from below, fitted with pliers.

I was sent with a marriage (

Ordered for ali's birthday in march. Immediately wrote the seller and asked for 2 weeks to wait, because. It is preorder. The description did not say that this pre-order. I ordered 4 version of the printer for 22700r. He sent it in the end only in early may when i wrote that i cancel the order. As a result, the printer reached ukhta in 2 weeks. Delivery to the apartment. The box is not wrinkled. I collected it all saturday. Launched test printing and does not print. Error: replace the filament. The seller gave a link to update the software. In the cloud of the software itself was not, but there was a video what to do with such a mistake. If there is such an error, you need to replug the plug in the board as shown in the picture. When opening the cover, do not tear the wifi antenna wire. After these manipulations everything worked.

printer arrived in good condition assembled very well was given link for new firmware to update went exactly as described so far I have not printed with this printer yet I will update when I do but overall it looks like a very nice printer the only few things that I'm at odds with I do not like the filament holder on the back of the machine. The extruder and the filament holder are on the back which means you need to have access to all sides of the printer not many people do I know I do not so this makes it very inconvenient having to reload filament and having to turn the printer sideways to load it also I am not liking the fact that the extruder mounts on the plastic back panel it should be hard mounted to a frame component not a piece of plastic other than those two things I like the printer and if it prints as well as it seems it should I will be more than satisfied

The printer came, but for some reason from the russian warehouse, although indicated from chinese, has not unpacked, then i will add or change, if anyone is interested to call + 79202999346

Everything is fine! The product did not come as quickly as i wanted (the seller asked to extend the delivery time as it was pre-order for a new version of the printer.). In general, everything works well here only with plastic stinks from the printer already nemogotu has passed a couple of weeks, but the smell is still ().

Arrived in 6 days. Most of the details are collected, in order to complete it there is a detailed video tutorial on youtube. Prints really out of the box! Collected, released for printing for calibration, and there was nothing to calibrate, the only thing you need to do is blow the parts and everything)

Going easy. Directly out of the box prints well. It is very convenient that there is a magnetic substrate. Let's see how the exploitation will show itself.

Many thanks for the printer! The seller is super! Communicate very nice! Print quality is super! Respect and respect! Began to peel off the cover from the desktop, so the seller promised to send a new table! Super! Thank You

The printer prints well. The truth had to print a new blowing, because the rear left corner floated.

In short, the printer came for 3 weeks. The seller asked to wait with the shipment about 15 days. From the moment of payment, i had a printer in 36 days. Collected, everyone is happy. The box came without damage.

In general, everything is fine. A little need to finish, only with straight hands. Fill the linear bearings with a fairy tale before assembly, in others to spray at least. There are videos on the assembly on the internet, but some things do not match in the assembly process, i then dismantled and collected again in the order in which it looks more logical. Calibrate pid, feed bar, extrusion ratio. Printed his blowing on all sides, but did not notice the difference. Regular blowing all the leaky, it needs to be compacted. In general, i am satisfied with the quality of the printer and printed parts. Thank you!

After a month of dancing with a huge number of different diamonds, three times laying his soul in the pawnshop, he was defeated and began to print normally.

After payment sent for 28 days, although promised 15 to send, it was another month. But the printer norms, in the assembly is easy, prints out of the box is not bad.

The printer is very bad for its money. Body metal and nuts rust, mechanic weighted. But most importantly... At me it does not work at all, from the box immediately writes "it is necessary to replace the rod", while several types of filament were used. A flash drive that came in the kit does not see. It is also not possible to connect the cord to the computer. In general, the price of this printer is 10 thousand rubles

Received your parcel. Everything's great. The only remark. Modify the end of the z axis. against the background of all too not reliable part of the printer.

The printer after assembly is excellent if you collect slowly. Oanoanuzhil mistreotki fast assembly. Linear bearing was not assembled correctly. Before you collect, check the direction

Delivered not quickly, but normally, you can wait, the seller sociable, the parcel is controlled by the seller, so that everything will come to you) the parcel arrived sdec, free of charge). Seller recommend. The parcel has not yet been collected, i will send an additional comment. And the plastic in the set is not enough, you can put 1 kilogram, but this is purely my opinion)

The product corresponds to the description. The whole came, packed well. But the seller did not send the goods for a very long time.

Delivery to the khabarovsk territory for 12 days by the courier straight to the house, which is very convenient, with the assembly of special problems did not arise. Now it remains to understand well in the settings and start creating)

Long did not send, asked to extend... The goods came only today, until i checked, check, i will add a review!

Hello, in june i came to the long-awaited 3 d printer. Print away refused, show table/extruder temperature more than 1000 degrees after did not see the filament. For a month i talked/swore with official suppliers and at the last moment when i was already ready to send it back to china. He's running out with the waiters, of course! To say that i'm happy means nothing to say! Officially threw me a test model (bolt with a nut), i type!

In general, very good. The last modification is good, but you could add a backlight inside and be sure to remake the cooling of the print area, the standard is not very.

It came on 7 days after the order by courier sdek. I haven't opened it yet, there's no time. I'll sign it later. Seller recommend!

Ordered from russia. Came for a week. Whole. Collected and works

Printing pleased me, a lot of people say that the printer is not for beginners, but i'm a beginner and completely coped with it

Very good

Chic printer, collected hours for 4, taking into account that first completely disassembled. Delivery from a warehouse in yekaterinburg. Looks gorgeous. The control panel responds very quickly to pressing, a bunch of settings. Prints immediately after calibration. Cube printed on the defaults of chickens. I'm happy as an elephant)))))) the only joint, broken printed blowing hotend, but it, as the craftsmen say, still needs to be redone, so i do not see any problems. By the way, the cube was printed with a broken blowing, it seems to me that the staff should be enough, but still print a new one))

The box of mint is still unopened. I will open under the camera. Review add

Trial printing really liked.

Came to kazakhstan in 15 days! The track hung at the stage of loading into the plane in urumqi. I collected slowly in 5 hours. Everything works fine. The seller as a gift put a 4 gb flash drive, nippers, antistatic tweezers, spare extruder and many other trifles. Resume: seller responsible and honest! Recommend for all 200%

So i finally got this miracle. The seller until the last did not send the goods, instead of 15 days, as he assured, sent in fact only after 35. First asked to extend, then said that there are no parts. As a result, the delivery took 52 days. Print quality is good. With the assembly of special problems did not arise, the whole process is shown in detail on youtube, although there is one "broken" video. Sorry there is no magnetic mat as in 3 models. In the kit there is a 4 gb flash drive, but for some reason it is read only in the printer itself, when connected to the computer writes that the disk is protected from recording. Plastic walls terribly stink, the smell does not fade for almost a week. There were no problems with updating. A regular utility for transferring files by wifi refuses to work with files with long names.

It's okay. The seller did not answer the questions for a long time after receiving the printer, but there was a chinese new year and i did not put much to the seller. After a long time we solved the issues and the seller took an active part in solving problems with my printer. Not all problems are solved, but the printer works fine, the seller promised to help in the future with the solution of all problems. The seller recommend and the printer the same.

So, the printer is good, delivered quickly straight to the apartment. the package is chic, nothing broke. In the complete set almost everything is perfect, some things with a margin, but one bolt was not enough, well, not critical. Collected in half a day. In principle, problems with the assembly did not arise. Well, with the setup had to get mad. Further in the process of use everything went differently. It's very good, it's very bad. During a month of non-serious operation happened the following: in the main part (the lower unit on what it stands) the wire was overrun, had to farm and solder, abs plastic was planted in the barrel, as a result, the cooling jammed and almost burned the motor. Yes cooling immediately i advise you to change. Printed small details like nothing, but on large products the table turned out to be crooked. With adhesion at the beginning of the problem was not but then had to smear the table with abs juice. Well, until more happened to him, we'll look further. And in general, the printer is not bad.

It's okay! Going easy. Prints perfectly.

Excellent printer for your money. Ordered from a warehouse in russia. Came to yakutsk quickly, through sdek. Prints very well, compare with nothing. My first printer. Collected by video manufacturer's manual. A large remark on the bottom mounts of the z axis guides (vertical), completely unthought. When twisting a small screw, he fell several times inside the case. I had to remove the bottom cover and look for it there.

All ok. Those who order from china, pay for the delivery of fedex. Overpaid 60 €. The goods themselves are fire. It is very difficult to adjust the horizon and prints normally. On the 2nd day i stopped turning on. Because of flehi. The loop of the card reader fell a little bit.

The printer came already in a semi-assembled state, but still had to recheck all connections when during printing the pulley of the x axis began to scroll on the shaft of the motor. The cooler began to rub after a week of use, the table curve in the form of a concave lens, i will put the car level. The drivers are loud, the board is 8 bit, the regular blowing-shit. Now about the pros, the chinese fitted the table with glass and magnetic pad, the screen is cool, on the stock settings prints well although to the ideal far, the backlash in the mechanics did not find, complete-everything was enough, at its modest size, the print area pleases 225x225x205. All that was caught in the eye for two weeks of use, i hope in the process of use nothing falls off.

Order received quickly enough. The package corresponds to the description of the attachment. Printer collected, checked. Information from sd card was not read. I eliminated myself by exchanging connectors. Complicating the fact that the connectors were filled with hot melt, i had to peel it off. Second: it is not possible to connect by wifi, there is no connection. There is also no information about the software. How to configure? Otherwise, the printer is happy, thanks to the seller.

Set up. Works. The seal is coming. All as in video instructions

The table bends when printing. And so all the norms

4 days shipping. This is my first fdm printer. Collected 4 hours with vidosikam. Noisy for the room, it would be better of course to add a modification with quiet drivers, and blowing the regular blows on one side. Vayfay picked up without problems, through it and dropped their code, imprinted well, but at the end for some reason decided to lower the table down, to the point where there is no end switch. Well, in general, oyain is happy, we will see what to do next with him.

It seems to work, originally came with a broken end, it's good that the kit was a spare! The seller promised a year warranty.

The printer is good, not out of the box i did not seal. About the minuses: the glass of the table came crooked, in the middle of the pit, as a result it did not work out normally, ordered a new glass, while printing on the back of the native, paradox, but it's even. And yes-first you need to remove it, easier on hot. The second is the table-heater-aluminum plate 1mm thick, thin, easy to bend. The third is noise. The printer has noisy fans, absolutely everything, with this you need to do something, if possible to replace in large sizes and low-speed. With native drivers, motors also squeal noisy and nasty. For replacement. In the rest while everything is fine, the bearings are good, there are no backlash. The shafts are even. The display and firmware are generally not bad.

The order is satisfied. I recommend cooperation.

The printer came quickly, packed qualitatively, until printed, after i add a review

Happy. Delivery from russia is very fast. Note on the printer only one. The shell of the blowing head is printed on the printer and split. I had to glue.

Assembled quickly, prints perfectly

Received quickly, packaging in integrity, everything suits. A small jamb with a support (corner) of the body (attached a photo), but not critical. I tried to print the test cube, with 4 attempts went the case (as it turned out much depends on the program for the slider), for 1 time a good result, from the series launched, and you expect that it will work. It took 17 minutes to print this cube. I think if you play with the settings you can find the optimal quality and time. The cube corresponds to the size with error on the thickness of the layer.

is is a very good printer: the glass bed is rock solid, the frame is already closed on several sites and the electronics with touch screen are great. The building instructions on video are perfect. I had several adhesion problems which could be solved by very tight bed leveling and 3DLAC.

Ordered 18.07 arrived 24.07, was in the russian warehouse. This time the delivery is super fast, although the track does not track. This is not the first ghost from this seller, we order the 3rd printer. I recommend.

All in the kit, collected without problems, the cube is even almost.

We order already 2 printers from this seller. The seller is very sociable, goes to concessions, sends quickly, but sdek delays often in china for a long time. But as in russia comes, the next day we have)) the table is rectangular, with a matte finish. Works quieter and faster than the second ghost. Also the seller sends free parts, if there are problems. Service is excellent. Recommend seller.

The printer is just super, assembled quickly and without problems immediately launched the test print all turned out without additional settings + included additional parts of the extruder and printer. I recommend the seller and its product quickly and efficiently

My first printer, the metal did not regret the design strong enough collected in the evening. but whether the case will make it work through wai fai. the chinese dropped the files. Yes, as if connected but cura (print program) and did not find the printer. through other programs less. however, the printing started anyway with the help of reader cards. at normal speed and layer quality is very pleased. truth I already print a new blowing because the back is a little worse quality (but it's quite for perfectionists) as a result, very satisfied with the printer. all the wires are neatly hidden a lot of spare screws definitely recommend for such Money

Prints out of the box if the correct filament sensor is connected

There is a problem with the firmware i think. there is no address for pairing.

It came in a week in moscow

Table curve, brass nut without holes, casing blowing does not cope with its task. When printing a vase in some places passes layers, because of this it is not hermetic! Bearings without lubrication, engine drivers noise. Everything else seems normal. Collected for a short time and not difficult. You need to refine and customize.

Long could not wait for the parcel. Asked the seller and it turned out that she was in the mail. I live in a village and a parcel weighing 14 kg just did not understand me and that i came too to say forgot. Collected and found out that one motor on the axis is not working, i had such good (put my own). The table was with a bend in the center. Adjusting in the corners, in the center a huge gap and not remove. Attached top mirror, it is smooth. Now it remains to deal with the error that appears after 4-5 minutes after inclusion in the work. The seller said that they will discuss with the engineers and find out the reason. Well, i hope everything will work. Just i'm a little unlucky, but there is an opportunity to study the design of nutria more deeply. The process of negotiations and the methodology of the decision will be written later.

Everything is fine. Delivered without damage and on time. A little long sent, but it is written in the description. Extended himself. The seller immediately sent the firmware source, a link to the video assembly and a program for managing the printer by wifi. I collected hours for 6. i did not hurry. Of the nuances of assembly: hold the table and print head when twist the printer. I think that's how the ends break. Really do not match the numbers on the packages with bolts and in the video. But make a mistake is impossible. A little bit of z-axis. I had to loosen everything and twist a little. Almost all the shortcomings have been corrected compared to the previous generation. In my opinion, the printer is close to ideal.

Amazing printer, good support. New WiFi plugin for Cura works well after some troubleshooting.

Bad fixing guide table, thread breaks very quickly :(


Came about as promised in terms packed well we will collect and check)))